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Alpha (Current), Warrior (Past), Villager (Past)

Skat is a brown Troodon, with light brown belly and dark brown back, and is leader of the Troodon Pack.

Skat is the main protagonist of the story 'Exiled'. He's seen during the whole story. His destiny is to get back to the city 'Old York'. He lived there for almost 21 years since he has been adopted by the Triceratops, Rina. But when he met his real parents, he want to do anything to save the pack from threats and dangers.


Skat is firstly seen together with Alpha, Daisy and Scar. Due to the rage of his mother, she took him in her arms. Later, above the cliff, Daisy had a conversation with the Ex-Mayor and after that, she was chasing him up to the city. Then she stopped and fleed, with Skat laying on the soft earth. The brown young dinosaur was found by Rina, who adopted him till he was big enough.

Almost 21 years later, he's waking up and has his own home now. He's a young adult and best friends with Atlas, an Apatosaurus. When out of his house, a cave, he and Atlas both go to the library; finding out what species Skat is. They can't find it. Atlas cheers him up to go fishing - this means Skat had to buy a boat.

When outside, Skat walks toward a shop and buys a rubber boat. After filling it with air, it loses it and flies away; with Skat running behind it. Then, where the Mayor is sitting at a bar, he got hit by the boat when Skat just arrived. After the screech of the Mayor, Skat is looking stunned what could happen to him.

Skat has to appear in court. He's looking worried now, waiting for the answer of the judge. He hears that he gets exiled from the city and leaves it with sadness.

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Skat has a brown skin, a dark brown back, a light brown belly, white large claws, a long muzzle, he has green eyes, three scars between his left-front paw and his chest, no feathers and no spikes and has a long tail and strong hind legs. He also has all of his toes on the ground.


Skat is seen as a happy, enthusiastic, shy, calm, clumsy, careful, curious, sometimes brave, worried, nice Troodon and loves new experience. He loves to help other dinosaurs, although he's clumsy. Skat tries everything to stay alive at the beginning, but later in the story he changed into a brave Troodon and saves his pack even at the cost of his life.

Relationships with other dinosaursEdit


Atlas is his first friend and the only one he trusted during his villager life. They're best friends and are always willing to help each other, whatever happens.


Sapphire is the first Troodon he sees after getting exiled. At first sight he immediately loves her and does everything for her, even with the risk of his life. Despite being mostly not very good with words, he knows what to say if she's near.

At the final battle when she fall down the cliff, Skat jumps right after her. They both have no grip and are sharing their last words. She tells him that she loves him too when they dissappear in the dark, shadowy cliff. Then they are both saved by Quetzalcoatlus and are making roars of happiness.

At the end of the story, they are mates and have hatchlings on their own.


Alpha is the father of Skat. He teached him how to fight and how to hunt. Skat loves his father really much what he did for him. When Alpha gets killed by Scar, Skat cries of the death of his own father. He had to leave the pack after the murder.


Daisy is the mother of Skat. She takes him to everywhere to keep an eye on him. Skat forgives that she had left him when he was still a hatchling. Skat loves his mother and loves the stories she told him.


Scar is the evil brother of Skat. He don't like Skat and bullies him, naming him a re-joiner or villager; weaker than the easiest-to-catch prey. Scar kills Alpha, and let the pack believe Skat killed Alpha.

He's seen again at the final battle, and fights Skat. Scar could almost slash his throat, but Skat rolled away; leaving three scars beside the chest instead. Finally, Skat pushed Scar of the cliff hearing a shriek as he fell down.

The Forbidden FangsEdit

He's fighting with them at the final battle. He hates them after what they've done with the father of Sapphire, and Sapphire's own pack. Even though he fights all three, Chaos seems to help him to fight against the two other velociraptors. Strike running away, deep in the woods as Shadow got killed by Sapphire.


From Purple Velociraptor to Brown Troodon.Edit

Skat was exactly made out of a purple velociraptor with saber-teeth. This dinosaur was also very curious and loves to discover. The velociraptor was from 2005. But after a year, 2006, Morgana evolved her character somewhat more into a brown Troodon, but with all toes down. She created lots of stories, although only 2 are drawn; the others still remain in her head. Morgana drew him, and Atlas, each year to see their development. Now Skat looks more realistic than he already was.


The name of the purple Velociraptor is unknown, but it could be possible he was named Velo, or Loci. The name of the brown Troodon was Dino, from 2006 to 2012. Morgana changed the name Dino because she founds it unoriginal and not very creative. After many times of thinking a new name it turned out into Skat. It's possible that the name Skat deduce from the word Scat or Scratch.


While the purple Velociraptor was having adventures all on his own, the brown Troodon always had fun with Atlas. Velo always was sneeking out to go on adventure and to meet new friends, a Brachiosaurus (likely to be the inspiration for Atlas), a Parasaurolophus, a Chasmosaurus and probably a Ankylosaurus. These four dinosaurs also had their own adventures. Para always had to escape the evil Carnotaurus villain. Brachiosaurus died at the end of his adventure. Chasmosaurus had adventures with other three dinosaurs, and Ankylosaurus was a super hero.

Dino, on the other hand, was having funny adventures on his own and with Apa (Atlas). Morgana's favorite story is that they go out fishing. They get eaten by a ancient shark, and burned by a dynamite. Also, Dino has got an aunt with a son and he has to babysit him. His aunt could be a base for Scratch and Daisy both. His nephew could be a base for Thorn which also is the cousin of Skat.


Father: Alpha

Mother: Daisy

Siblings: Scar

Uncles/Aunts: Scratch

Cousins: Thorn

Mate: Sapphire

Foster-Parents: Rina

Children: Unknown yet.


  • He is one on the less Troodons to have no fur.
    • Scratch and Thorn also have no fur.
  • He is the only Troodon who lived in a city.
  • Skat is the oldest character of all characters in the story to remain his original design.
    • Atlas is made two months later.
  • Skat is the only raptor character with all toes on the ground.
  • The thing to go out fishing could be inspired by Morgana's first comic.
  • Skat, along with Atlas and Thorn, are the only one to remain their old colors.


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